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Business Strategy, IP & Commercialization Consulting

The Fulson Group can help your business, startup, or research project tackle the strategy, IP and commercialization of your innovation, prototype or discovery.

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Hi, I'm Don Skaggs, President of the Fulson Group

I've been consulting with & helping researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses for over 10 years. I've also been an inventor and entrepreneur myself, from bootstrap to exit. Now I want to help others across the country by offering one of the most valuable commodities out there: wisdom.

Whether it's help setting up your business or commercialization strategy, I've been there, done that and can help you put together what you need to move forward with your innovation's journey to the marketplace.

You can read a little more about me below. Let me help you avoid a lot of the mistakes that can hurt or kill startups, and help point you in the direction toward your goals of ultimate success in business!


I Bootstrapped a Startup --> to a High-Tech Manufacturer --> to an Acquisition/Exit

Co-Founder, US Biotex: I bootstrapped this startup out of a farm house in rural KY. Grew it over 23 years to a manufacturer of product technologies sold across the country in the pathology laboratory industry. Developed the product line, catalog, and marketing materials for over 50 technical products. I was responsible for both product development, IP & the marketing and sales. I was the key person in negotiations for our company acquisition and exit strategy in 2014.


I run one of the largest inventor/entrepreneur programs in the Midwest

President, Inventors Network KY: In addition to being a successful inventor & entrepreneur, I have mentored, coached and consulted with literally hundreds of others for over the past 15 years, developed education programs, plus created and launched conferences that have drawn people from all over the country.


Creator & Producer of Educational & Promotional Videos

We developed and teach the Empowered Inventing Educational Series, and produce a video series spotlighting the important principals needed to be successful at inventing & business, as well as promotional videos for the Inventors Network KY. We also produce promotional videos for products and businesses.