Developing the Perfect Pitch for Your Product or Business

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You know you have a great innovation for a product or business, but in order to win over customers, investors and other people who matter for the success of your project or startup, you have to be able to effectively communicate it so they can see what you see.

In this program, we will work with you to learn and become proficient at knowing what it takes to get an audience interested, engaged and ultimately buying-in. Your “pitch” can be one of the most important few minutes of innovation’s life. If it’s not compelling, then nothing moves. This program brings together an incredible combination of insights and experience to help you take control of the direction of your innovation or startup, including:

- What works, what doesn’t and why
- The mechanics of the perfect pitch
- Important parts of the preparation process
- Skills you can develop and hone that will make a difference
- How to effectively get others excited and “see it” like you do
- And more.

It’s easy to lose an audience’s attention, and have them mentally “wander off”. Don’t let this happen to you and waste those precious opportunities to pitch your product or startup to the right people. This crucial part of the process is not only important for the entrepreneur that is pitching their product or company to customers, but also investors, partners, and others who need to “get it” and become excited about what you have.

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What you can expect:
  • I will work with you one-on-on via phone & video, or in person (if in the Central KY area), to develop and coach you to effectively pitch your innovation, product or business. (4-Hours)
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What we need from you:
  • 30 minutes via phone (Free) for an initial consultation to make sure I understand your needs and can provide the help you need.