Protecting Your Intellectual Property - Educational Program

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We will provide a 2-3 hour educational program for up to 25 students to learn smart strategies for protecting their intellectual property.

In this class, we will teach you how to form, plan out and implement a strategy for protecting what’s valuable for you regarding your idea, invention, startup or business.
The steps you take at this critical point of your innovation's or startup's journey can help determine where you ultimately end up with your product with respect to selling, licensing, or growing a viable business around your innovation.

An idea is just a dream without a plan, and our goal is to teach you how to put the right plan in place that will actually move you forward toward success.
You’ll learn valuable & important lessons such as:

- Why timing can be crucial to knowing what to protect and when to protect it
- The “IP Money Trap” and how to avoid it
- What can you protect vs what should you protect
- The Entrepreneur’s guide to hiring a patent attorney
- The Bootstrap IP strategy that can save you thousands
- Getting the Right Patent for the Right Reason
- Trademarks, Copyrights, & Trade Secrets
- …and more.

This 2-3 hour class will cover many important issues that innovators, technology developers, and entrepreneurs need to work out before spending too much time and money. Many fail because they are not equipped with the right information before making crucial decisions.

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What you can expect:
  • Will provide set-up and facilitation of a 2-3 hour class on Protecting Intellectual Property from a business case perspective.
  • Will facilitate the class via video or in-person. (Additional charge if travel is necessary for in-person class).
  • Maximum class size of 25 students.
  • Classroom provided by client.
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What we need from you:
  • 30 minutes via phone (Free) for an initial consultation to make sure I understand your needs and discuss logistics of program.